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08 Jul

I am working on the builds for Fedora 19. I have the x86_64 machine built, need to do the i686 and get the packages going. I want to have them done by Tuesday July 9th. I will update this post when it is complete.

Update: Mon Jul  8 16:07:05 CDT 2013

I just finished the builds for Fedora 19 x86_64. I will do the i686 builds tomorrow. Please those that have x86_64 machines try out the build and let me know if you have any issues.

Update: Tue Jul  9 21:57:37 CDT 2013

The i686 build is done and on the server. You can update and let me know if you have issues.

Update: Wed Jul 10 07:43:44 CDT 2013

I forgot to build Terminology. So that has been added. Also i don't have a repo rpm for Fedora19, so use

for now.

Update: Fri Jul 12 14:23:18 CDT 2013

It was mentioned in the comments that i had forgotten a few packages. So i just built and uploaded python-elementary, econnman, and connman-1.15. Please give them a try and keep the feedback comming.

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  1. ...

    July 8th 2013 at 04:07 pm

    thank you, you're the best, been using your repo from begining


    July 8th 2013 at 05:07 pm

    ERROR: Error in yum Transaction : Test Transaction Errors: file /usr/lib64/evas/modules/loaders/eet/linux-gnu-x86_64-1.7.7/ conflicts between attempted installs of evas-module_loader_eet-1.7.7-0.20130708.x86_64 and evas-1.7.7-1.fc19.x86_64 file /usr/lib64/ conflicts between attempted installs of ecore-1.7.7-1.fc19.x86_64 and ecore-imf-1.7.7-0.20130708.x86_64 file /usr/lib64/ conflicts between attempted installs of ecore-input-1.7.7-0.20130708.x86_64 and ecore-1.7.7-1.fc19.x86_64

    Edward Mann

    Ecore issues

    July 9th 2013 at 01:07 am

    If you do a "yum remove ecore" what depends on that package? If anything can you send me the output?


    July 9th 2013 at 02:07 pm

    sudo yum remove ecore Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks, refresh-packagekit <strong>No Match for argument: ecore</strong> No Packages marked for removal test using fresh fedora 19

    Edward Mann

    Ecore issues

    July 9th 2013 at 04:07 pm

    This sounds like its something that needs to be added to exclude=ecore* to /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo and /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo Let me know if that does not help.

    noob question

    July 9th 2013 at 05:07 pm

    Hi Edward!! thanks, this project looks excellent!! I just found your page, so I have a noob question, how to install your repo for fedora 19?? I try to find the 'repo' rpm package but I dont see (for fedora 19 unless) Thanks man :)



    July 9th 2013 at 09:07 pm

    I successfully installed the packages from your i686 repository, on a fresh F19 install. Note that your ecore 1.7.7-0.enl.fc19 conflicts with 1.7.7-1.fc19 from the updates repository, so it has to be installed explicitely â the latter doesn't provides libecore_wayland. <br/> <br/> Unfortunately for now enlightenment won't launch, I'll dig a bit and report here what I can find. <br/> <br/> BTW, seems you forgot the i686 build for terminology (or maybe did it fail ?).


    Won't start

    July 9th 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I was having the following errors and lost some time googling for it before to figure out it was apparently harmless : <br/> <br/> <i>ERR<>e_randr_12.c:214 safety check failed: E_RANDR_12_NO_MODE(mode) is true ERR<>e_randr_12_output.c:196 safety check failed: outputs == NULL </i> <br/><br/> The important and unrelated error was <br/><br/> <i><<<< Enlightenment Error >>><br/> Enlightenment found Evas can't create a buffer canvas. Please check Evas has Software Buffer engine support.</i> <br/><br/> I installed evas-module_engine_buffer and this error disappeared, only to be replaced by <br/><br/> <i>Enlightenment found Evas can't load SVG files. Check Evas has SVG loader support.<br/> Enlightenment found Evas can't load PNG files. Check Evas has PNG loader support.</i> <br/><br/> Evas-module_engine_buffer and evas-module_loader_* should probably be made dependencies of Evas or whatever already mandatory package in order to avoid this. <br/><br/> Now enlightenment seems to load but segfaults. FWIW, here's the dump, I'll continue to investigate after lunch. <br/><br/> <i>$ cat .e-crashdump.txt <br/> The program is not being run.<br/> <br/> Thread 1 (Thread 0xb76fe7c0 (LWP 2487)):<br/> #0 0xb774f424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #1 0x493e8ba1 in pause () from /lib/<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #2 signal handler called<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #3 0x0811994c in e_popup_layer_set ()<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #4 0xb67d69a3 in e_wizard_init ()<br/> from /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/wizard/linux-gnu-i686-0.17.3/<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #5 0xb67d5b85 in e_modapi_init ()<br/> from /usr/lib/enlightenment/modules/wizard/linux-gnu-i686-0.17.3/<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #6 0x08111f26 in e_module_enable ()<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #7 0x08112138 in e_module_all_load ()<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> #8 0x08073d64 in main ()<br/> No symbol table info available.<br/> Detaching from program: /usr/bin/enlightenment, process 2487</i>


    Finally works

    July 10th 2013 at 01:07 am

    Got it eventually working after installing ecore-x (without effect) then evas-generic-* and evas-module-*. Presumably some of them should be made dependencies as well. <br/><br/> Anyway, thank you very much for this work.

    Thank you so much!

    July 10th 2013 at 04:07 pm

    Dude, thanks so much. I've been looking all over the place for e17 on Fedora 19. I was terrified at the thought of trying to package it myself; it would've been a mess (only made an RPM once before, wouldn't be sure how to split it up, would feel morally obligated to host it somewhere, etc). You're awesome!

    problems in e17 startup?

    July 12th 2013 at 06:07 am

    Hi guys! I've just installed e17 (after years without using it) on my brand new Fedora 19 machine, but every time that I try to use it, all that is showed to me is the Fedora gdm screen and the enlightenment mouse cursor (that can be moved). Nothing more. I can't open menus and anything else. I am suspecting of my intel graphics. Does anybody have a similar problem or an idea of what could be wrong? Thanks Edward for the repository.



    July 12th 2013 at 08:07 am

    I noticed that there is no EConnMan package, do you plan to include it ? I tried to install it from your F18 repository, but then it asked for python-elementary which is not in the F19 repository either, and when I tried the python-elementary rpm from your F18 repository it asked further dependencies I couldn't find.


    Like a charm

    July 12th 2013 at 09:07 pm

    Just installed and tried EConnMan, works like a charm as far as I can say. Thanks again !

    Why private packages?

    July 12th 2013 at 10:07 pm

    In a decent world a user would file a bug against a package and package maintainers were using the packages they build or have at least machines to test their packages on, which is not true for most GNU/Linux distributions outside there. I stopped using Fedora after 10 Releases cause too many packages are deprecated or simply orphaned. There is no reason why Enlightenment Desktop is not in Fedora official Repositories, except that it is just not done. Last night a F19 user came to #e on freenode and asked for support. Are there any buildlogs since you aren't using ? If you build private packages this is what you get. Bugs reports on a website as comment instead in a bugtracking system. User question via Mail and in comment. Srsly, if you don't like the policy of a distribution vendor or the whole packaging process you should really consider to leave that distro alone and start building packages for a distro which is worth the effort. Debian is facing similar problems. You are invited to join #e and #edevelop. Anyways I am happy that you seem to like Enlightenment. Have fun!

    Edward Mann

    Why Private Packages???

    July 13th 2013 at 02:07 am

    Is this a polite way of asking me to stop building packages for Fedora? The reason i do a private build is because i have machines in different locations that i want Enlightenment on. And since Fedora doesn't have all the packages in their repo i built my own. And knowing other people would want to use Enlightenment on Fedora and since i already had everything setup to install from remote places i posted about the builds. Yes i looked into using koji. I created an account got the first package to build then i ran into a few problems, which is that some E17 packages depend on other E17 packages and since i was building them and Koji doesn't install them builds would fail. That's as far as i got. I don't have allot of time to figure out Koji and since i had a process that was working to meet my needs i just keep building my own. If there is some specific disclaimer you would like me to give about using this repo i will. However i am not going to stop using Fedora just because they don't package E, or their package process is not the best.

    Your private packages

    July 13th 2013 at 06:07 am

    Thank you for your time to respond to my comment. I give you a clear no to your question :) I am not asking anything. I just took the time to ponder how things are going. I am glad that somebody provides E packages at all, eventually we might see F19 pkg's @ soon also. Maybe my own frustration about the package hell and the lack of recent E packages in many GNU/Linux Distributions were one of (imo valid) points to write that comment. Crack on & greetings from Germany. P.S.: For interested readers: Enlightenment doesn't use Trac any more, now using Phabricator. See for a list of reported issues or create a new one.

    F19-x86-64 dependency problems

    July 28th 2013 at 10:07 am

    First, thank you for sharing you repo!<br /><br /> I experience a few dependency problems, though. <br /><br /> I have installed the non-dev files, except connman/e_connman, and that went well.<br /><br /> However, some of the devel packages specifies dependencies on version 1.7.7-1 of other packages. These do not exist in the F19 repo, although they are in the F17 repo. <br /><br /> I.e. Ecore-devel 1.7.7-0 depends on evas-devel 1.7.7-1.<br /><br /> Is this something that is being worked on?<br /><br /> Another thing: connman obsoletes network manager, so connman always shows up as an upgrade, even though it is not installed. If it by chance is selected for upgrade, it will remove network manager. That can easily happen if there are a lot of upgrades and the package manager does not show dependencies to be installed.<br /><br /> Is it possible to do this differently, i.e. marking it as a conflict instead of obsoletes?

    Matthew Eichler

    Cannot start session with Fedora 19

    September 10th 2013 at 06:09 am

    Thanks for all the good work. I am using your repository but cannot get an Enlightenment session to start. I am on Fedora 19 with an Asus laptop. Any help would be much appreciated (I'm trying to get off the Cinnamon/Gnome desktop). Let me know what logs I can send you, since all the usual suspects I've looked at don't seem to be related to E.


    September 17th 2013 at 07:09 am

    I confirm Matthew Eichler, it's now broken with an up-to-date Fedora install. I'll give feedback if I find the culprit.

    Got it

    September 17th 2013 at 08:09 am

    It appears it was the splash screen issue already mention by Edmann in the more recent post. Not sure why it didn't occur before. <br/><br/> To disable it (credits ADA on enlightenment-users mailing list) : <br/><br/> 1. Look for e.cfg bellow the .e directory. In my case, it's ~/.e/e/config/standard/e.cfg<br/> 2. eet -d e.cfg config content.txt<br/> 3. Edit content.txt, look for this line:<br/> value "show_splash" int: 1<br/> Change 1 to 0 and save.<br/> 4. eet -e e.cfg config content.txt 1