Enlightenment e17 Modules

21 Feb
I got a request for some Enlightment Modules for E17. Well i decided to give them a build. I have not tested them all, or any of them for that matter. I have the 17 and 18 builds up on the server so you should be able to install them at your leisure. The modules that are up there are the following.

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Enlightenment 0.17.1 Finally

08 Feb

For the Fedora 17 users E17.1 was out earlier in the week. However for the F18 users i just published my builds today. If you are installing for the first time this is a usable command to get everything you need to run Enlightenement.

yum install ecore eina eeze evas evas-module_engine_gl_x11 embryo evas-module_loader_* ethumb edje edje-bin eio evas-module_saver_* eet e_dbus e_modules-engage efreet elementary emotion enlightenment

If that does not work let me know. I have had a few people say they could not get enlightenment to run. I think it's because some items were not installed. However we will see.


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Enlightenment 1.7.5 builds

09 Jan

The Enlightenment 1.7.5 builds are up on the server now. Sorry this one took longer to get done. I was slow in this build, and good news is that the packages have been put into Fedora for comment. If i have been reading my e-mails correctly Rahul Sundaram was the one that got them all into Fedora for review. Rahul also created the spec file for evas-generic-loaders, so i have added that to my build as well.


I plan on keeping my builds going until Enlightenment can be updated from Fedora repo. At that time i will stop doing my builds. I am still working on becoming a co-maintainer for Enlightenment in Fedora. Not sure when that will be official, yet i am willing to do it.


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Phonics of shew and shewn

04 Jan

So i read the Bible allot and also the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United State. A word that shows up is shewn and shew. The question i have had is how do you pronounce it. I have been saying it as in show, yet someone corrected me and said it should be pronounced like "shoe". I thought ok, so i had a recording of someone reading the Bible and they said it like "shoe". Then i heard Alexander Scourby and he pronounced it like show. So now i was really wanting to know how do you pronounce this word.

So a little digging and i found a page on about substitute letters. In the table on that page was the table of substitutions. And in it was ew = o as in sew. Now with that i thought okay if the ew = o then shewn should sound like shown. Maybe i should add the characters above the words. Well anyway i went and looked up shew on a Webster 1828 Dictionary website and it did not return anything. So i then looked for show and that had a hit. What i did notice in the definition was this line.

It is sometimes written shew, shewed, shewn.

So i believe now that it is pronounced just like "show" just spelled different. But who am i?

In other news i did find this file about teaching your kids to read using the Bible. I have not finished reading it yet, however i am interested in what they learned and have to say about the subject. I was talking to a gentleman today about what me and Simon do and he talked about how his kids when they were little would memorize scripture verses. He told me it was good, that is what i remember, however his kids did not grow up having a love for Jesus Christ as their Saviour. I knew what he was talking about. If you have ever read the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles you will get the same picture. The father may do that which is right in the eyes of the Lord, yet his son and grandson will do that which is evil in the eyes of the Lord. Yet someone down the line of wicked fathers will then do that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, as did David his father. (1 Kings 5:11, 2 Kings 18:3)  There were fewer of them that did right.

Well that's all i have to say about that right now.


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