Time is running out

17 Aug
Well my time here is almost up, and i will be needing 2 go home. I have had a blast here in Vegas, did allot of things and also learned some new things. Went wake boarding this morning. My boss would be upset to know that i can get up at 4:30 to go wake boarding, but not for work... HA!HA!... Well i did kinda sleep on the way to the lake. I am pretty sure that i will be making another trip out here. This has been allot of fun. We meet a guy the other day at the sports store that offered to take us climbing. I am looking forward to coming back and doing some climbing. I still have not remembered the password for my photo album, so the best that i can do is prepare the pics and when i get home i can upload them to my site. I have i think over 300 pictures. Not all of them will go on the site, but some will. Brian the guy that took Troy and i out wake boarding, i have some cool pics of him getting some good air. Off to Fry's Electronics to get a firewire cable so i can show Troy how to make videos. Next trip i will have a video camera, that will be a blast.


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