What a day.

12 Aug
So Troy and i decided to go out and challenge the desert. Well it came out to a tie. The desert claimed 2 inner-tubes, 1 crank arm, and 2 crashes. It was fun. I have some pics, and the desert is a very rough place. I was sweating but it would just dry right off my skin. Nothing like the riding i do back home in Illinois. Did not find many jumps, but there was some really cool areas that we had to cross. All in all it was a good ride. I am looking forward to my trip to Brian Head. I need to get the tube fixed on my front tire. Also while i have been out here i have been seeing a few movies that i have not seen before. I am also going to watch some again so i can hear the whole thing, or catch it from the beginning. Well I don’t know what we are going 2 do 2night, but i am sure we will have some fun. 2morrow morning is wakeboarding on Lake Mead. Well off 2 take a shower. I will post more l8er.

See YA!

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