Second Trip Almost here

27 May
Well the second trip of the year is almost here for me. I will be going 2 Bull Shoals again. Looking forward to the getaway. Just was informed that we will be on the new house boat. This is very cool. I am looking forward to using the new slide.

Also if you did not follow the link above, i have added pics to the first trip to Bull Shoals. You can find them here I made some new friends on this trip. The people were great. Hello Mike... I want 2 meet your wife sometime. :-)

Did some more wakeboarding. I am getting better at it, thanks to Mikes help i progressed very well on the last trip. I will miss him on this one, but i guess i will have to find someone new to drive the boat when John is busy with students, or breakfast.

Well not much to say, i will have 2 get some new music for this trip. I think i will take more than i did last time. Also they have dvd players on the new boat. I might take a few movies, but since i am out skiing most of the time, i am not sure if i need allot of movies. Oh well i will see. Rick at the dock is a really cool guy. He's funny. Well i am going 2 go back to work on something. I think i want 2 write some scripts. I might post more l8er.

See ya'll

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