The Jesus Inquest By Charles Foster

21 Apr
Have you ever started something and then thought "What in the world was i thinking?" Well that's the way i felt after i started the book The Jesus Inquest by Charles Foster. In this book we have two individuals in a debate X the anti-theist and Y the theist. In my opinion it came across like this. X is the anti-theist, Y is the theist and Bible believer when it suits him, then me the reader 100% Bible Believer.
The appendix of this book was much more enjoyable to read than the actual positions the characters held. I will say this is that the beliefs presented for character X i have heard similar arguments from people. Which if you think about it, many of his positions, and theirs, you logically could not believe all at the same time, because they contradict one another.  Now this is mentioned in the appendix because some people might not have realized it. :-D


Overall i don't think this is a terrible book, and it may just be because i have run into several X type people and heard some of the arguments before that i did not find this book engaging. Also truth be know i didn't care for the corrupt book he used as the "Bible" to present the arguments. And the whole line on page 185 "No resurrection appearances in the original manuscripts."  The truth is we don't have any of the originals as far as i know. We have copies of copies of copies from the originals, yet to my knowledge nobody has a extant original writing of any of the books of the Bible.

I will give the author respect for the research that he has done. There was allot on both X and Y's part and that is a plus for this book. Another things is that Mr. Foster did not write in a style of "this is what i think and that's it", he pulls from other individuals for each position being represented.

I could just be to stuck in my ways, however i felt that i gave the company that supplied the book an agreement that i would read it all the way and give a review, and so i have. I just realized that i need to be a little better on the books i pick. :-D


Till next time, carry on.

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