The Boy Who Changed the World By Andy Andrews

12 Dec

The Boy Who Changed the WorldThis book i got to review was a little different than the others. Well only in that it was a kids book, and full of pictures... which i do like. So when i requested it i felt that i would read it to my daughter, Simon won't sit still long enough. We are working on his focusing skills... i think he gets what he has from his dad... that is the theory at least. This book is not long and not many words on each page, something that makes it easier for me to read to a younger child... just not as young as Simon... well if i had a girl maybe she would sit and listen, but then again, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Well anyway this book in my opinion is well done and relays the story and message that each one of us is important. Each thing we do will ripple through time and touch many other peoples lives. If you have young kids this would be a good book to read. Help encourage them and let them know that they do make a difference in this world. And we want them to use this time to be a difference for good, not evil.

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