The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

09 Sep

I got this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers to do a review on. I was quite surprised when i got it and it was only a few pages long. This is a good book to put out in public so people can read it because it won't take long to finish. I knew more about George Washington Carver than i did about Norman Borlaug, and not much about Col. Joshua Chamberlin. The book talks about how the decisions that you make may have bigger effects than you think. I don't know how many of my decisions effect other peoples lives, but i can see how each one would effect the next. The book is a really easy read and has some interesting info on people of history. I have passed it around and other people that have read it have enjoyed it as well. I recommend this to other people to read as well. It reminds us that we do matter and that what we do can have larger ramifications that we might think.

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