God Saw Them Through, by Glenn Thomas

01 May

So in my reading today i just finished God Saw them through by Glenn Thomas. Now when i started the book i got to the second chapter and thought man if it keeps up like this it will be a long time before i am finished with this book. But once deployment happened things started moving allot faster. So much faster that i finished the book and was wanting more. I am almost sure that i read about the 2/8 in another book i have, but i have not found it.

This book is a testament to prayer and faith that God is in control. How situations happened that were advantageous for the solders of 2/8. I will give this books to friends and tell them, let the author introduce the soldiers in the first two chapters, because after that you won't want to put the book down. Also it's a reminder that we need to pray more, and set a specific time to pray. That is something that was mentioned in the book. People would pray at 9:00 pm eastern time each night. And how the Holy Spirit would wake people up and impress upon them to pray for specific people. It is an awesome recording of specific details of American military history.

This book is something that i will keep in my collection and share with many other people.

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