Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World By David Jeremiah

27 Apr

This is the first work i had read by Dr. David Jeremiah, probably will be the last. In this book, page 52 Dr. Jeremiah is recalling the story of Peter being asked by Jesus if he loves Him, this is after the resurrection. I felt that Dr. Jeremiah missed one of the beautiful parts of this meeting. Jesus used the same type of coal for the fire that was used when Peter denied Him. The odour that would have come from that fire would have reminded Peter of the time when he denied Christ. Dr. Jeremiah in my mind destroyed the entire story to focus on the words that were used. I cannot tell Jesus that i "Agape" Him. I am not capable of "Agape" love. And to my knowledge the only person that has lived who is capable of that love is Jesus Christ Himself.Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World.

On page 180 the section on "Will We Be Ashamed?" Dr. Jeremiah says "Believe it or not, this will occur for many people." I do believe people will enter heaven and be ashamed. But my view is very different. I will be ashamed and filled with joy at the same time, because i will see what my Saviour Jesus Christ gave up to come rescue me and that it is now my inheritance. But what i don't think is people will enter the gates that have had opportunities to share Christ and did not. People that could freely grow in a personal relationship with Christ but choose that something else in this shadow of a life, was more important. The statement "My precious child, I bled for you on the cross. I gave all that I had, and what did you do with My gift?" Will be more like "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:23 I don't see the point in giving people the false hope that all they need to do is accept the free gift, and never develop the close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But for many i know they hope i am very wrong.

On page 213 Dr. Jeremiah calls for the church to wake up. Granted this is quoted from another book that he included, but it is very well needed to be said. "we need to take down our 'Do not disturb' signs, snap out of our stupor, come out of our coma, and awake from out apathy." On this point i whole heartily agree. The "Church" has become so pathetic that it's not even funny. They have let in "wolves in sheeps' clothing" Matthew 7:15. Not all churches are this way, but to many are trying to pass themselves as Christian Churches, but are nothing more than abominations.

This book did have some good points, but i would not recommend it to friends. However my close brothers i would let read, so if needed they could correct me in my views of it if needed.

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