Enlightenment Fedora RPM Repo

21 Nov

So i have been holding out on people in having an easy way to try out Enlightenment  on their Fedora 17 systems. I wrote a very generic and non-error checking script to build Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. I have been using this method to update my work and home machines and not having to build on two different systems. Also if i tired it on one and it did not work i then did not update the second system.

I do my builds on a vm instance of Fedora 17. That way if i wreck it it's an easy recovery from a snapshot i do before the build. So here is the repo info you will need to use the packages i have built. I have not gpg signed these packages. I have the docs on how to do it and i will get it done if i get a response that people will actually be using this repo.


cat /etc/yum.repos.d/Enlightenment.repo
name=Enlightenment for Fedora $releasever


I was planning on pinging the manager for Enlightenment on the Fedora project, i have just been to busy to get around to it.

Please let me know if this is repo is usefull to you. I should also post a screenshot or a video or something to show how nice e17 really is. The new default theme in alpha3 is really nice, there is currently some problems with building alpha4. From the mailing list they are working on how to resolve this.

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