Recording audio from command line

09 Aug

So i want to record the audio from my pc, this is the internal audio, not from an external source. So i found Jordi Carrillo's site that had the commands that i can use in Fedora Linux. I am posting the commands that i would user here so i can find them easier next time.



Once there, select the capture view by typing the tab key. You’ll get the next screen:


With the arrow keys select the column Capture and set it to the CAPTUR mode with the space key as in the screenshot. Adjust the recording volume with the arrow keys. You can also set it up with the gnome volume control panel going to the capture tab.

Recording sound to an mp3 file

You’ll need the lame mp3 encoder. Install it by doing

Recording sound to an ogg file

You’ll need the oggenc (the ogg encoder). Install it by doing

sudo yum install vorbis-tools

Type the following command

arecord -f cd -t raw | oggenc – -r -o out.ogg

And you’ll get your sound recorded to an ogg file. Take into account that we record directly to a compressed file, so there’s nothing in between, so you can record for hours saving an incredible amount of hard disk space.

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