Did you notice my new site?

22 Dec

I have spent the last few days working on a new site design. I have it almost finished. I am also using new php 5.3 methods and had to update the server to it, i don't think i broke anything else when i did that. I took one of the GPL themes that is offered for wordpress and got it to work under my custom blog system. I really wouldn't call this a blog system, more like a dumping ground for my thoughts and a place for me to test code ideas and play with things. This is more of a learning tool than a awesome system. However it does what i need, and will do what i like in the future.

Well this is a short post, just wanted to get something new up about the site. I know there are several things broken like the RSS button at the top of the page and the page navigation at the bottom is not working correctly. I will get these things fixed in the next few weeks. I have a client that wants work done on their site, so i will be spending my time on that. I think next year i will get another nice theme and get it to work here as well. Like to change it up every once in a while. I wish i had more creative skills in the design area, however that is not my gift. I am happy for what i do have thou.

Hey God loves you even when if feels like no one else does.

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