Warm Weather is finally here!!! YA!

11 May
It's so nice out, it's great. Boy do i enjoy the spring/summer time. I have been out riding my motorcycle, what a blast. Also the top is off the jeep, and i still have not posted pics of the new jeep. I will do it someday. Also the work on the house is going slow. That's because i have not made up my mind on what i am going to do with the bathroom. All i need to do is order a sink. But i don't want to spend a fortune, but then i don't want to get junk. Oh well i guess i will just have to pony up and pay for the one that i really like. But i think i will still keep looking around. I do however want to get the shower done. I am not liking the way it is now. Oh well. I did find the tile that i want for the floor. So that is good. And this weekend the ceiling is coming out. I am just going to put in a new ceiling as well. I will be busy on the house here for the next few months. I have not went on a dive trip, besides FL. So i am starting to get the itch. Well that's enough for now.


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