Getting Ready to Ride

15 Feb
So there i was out in my garage trying to get my motorcycle to start. I should have had stuff done to it to keep it over the winter. But i did not. That is a lesson learned. It took me a while to get it started. I had to take the battery off and put a trickle charger on it. I had to do that twice. Each time i tried to start the bike i ended up draining the battery. I should have taken better care of it over the winter i know. So anyway i take the battery off and i lose one of the screws inside the bike. No big deal i think, i will just take this plate off and reach in and grab the screw. Well that was not so smart either. I ended up loosing another nut. So i decided that i would cut my loses and just fish it out with something that i could rig up. Well i recovered the nut, but i still had the screw to go. Well i finally got the screw captured in a little contraption of mine, but i pulled to hard and the screw went into a deeper hole. I thought then that i was totally out of luck. So i decided that i would just go buy another screw. So i went to my local Lowe's and purchased some screws that were the same size. Well i ended up loosing one of them in the bike as well. So i had this idea about a tool that had a little claw on the end. Well i talked to a few friends and low and behold there is such a thing. I don't want to be riding around with a bunch of lose screws in my bike. Since Menards is close to where i work i took a quick trip to it and i found one. So tonight when i go home hopefully i will have time before the shooting i will be able to fish the screws out. Well i will post more l8er.

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