A new Jeep

12 Oct
Well i had a head crack on my yellow jeep, and it cost me a pretty penny to fix it. I don't like getting bills like that so i decided to do something about it. So i decided that the best course would be to buy a new jeep. And so i did. It's nice they have made allot of changes since my 2001 model. Well anyway i will post pics l8er. Nothing else new has gone on. I am not going on any trips anytime soon. I have been working on a new program in my free time. Working out has been hit and miss. I am trying to get myself into the routine again. I need to update my site. I have not made any changes to in in a long time. So there is this car for sale close to where i work that has been sitting in the same spot for a year or very close. I tried to call the number, but the nextel phone keeps saying that he is not available. Now i really want to know who is trying to sell this car. It's not an old car, but if it's set there for more than a year i bet it now has problems. Oh well. I think this is all for today. I will hopefully post more to my blog more often.

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