The Power was out

27 Aug
And there i was sitting at my desk just doing some simple tasks not thinking to hard about anything. The lights start to flicker, i yell to my boss Bruce. "Hey i think were going 2 have a problem!"... the lights flicker again... "Hey i think were going 2 have a problem!" I guess he gets off the phone, because not to long after i yelled he walks out of his office, and says "Ya i hope the power does not go out." Well before he is finished WHAM! lights out for the building. Oh what fun that is. Well we spend some time waiting for the power to come back on before we start taking servers down. Well the power was out for a little while, and then they got it back on. So i am waiting for a job to finish so i can get things started, and get backups running. I just want 2 go home. I need to work on cleaning the house again. I don't like it when it's a mess. I also need to pay bills, and pay for a dive trip coming up next weekend. Oh what fun.. i have a server that i need to work on. It's for a client of mine. I have a packed weekend. I might go climbing tomorrow. Not sure just yet. Oh well the vultures are back over my shoulders so i need to get going.


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