Fast Week

15 Apr
Do you ever fell like your week is flying by? Well it seems like mine are going by faster and faster. It's just like i started the week and it's already Thursday. I have not been able to workout because i have been so occupied with other things. I did my taxes on Tuesday and i am getting some money back this year. I think i will just put it in my savings account and use it on a rainy day. I hope to get out and do some riding this weekend. I also want to get some more of my website done and submit it to google. The goal is to get my ranking up high on a few search strings. I don't know if i will be successful or not, but i will give it an valiant effort. Still single as the day i was born. I have to find a place to meet women. I don't do the club scene, not my bag. I don't want someone that smokes. And they must enjoy doing sport activities. I have a very defined list of what i want in a mate, and i know there is someone out there that fills that list. I also have a list of what i want to be for that person. Well in other news. I think i will put the lawn furniture out this weekend. That way i can clean out the garage and take the hardtop off my jeep. I need to rake some leaves in the yard, and also buy a new lawnmower. Yard work oh what fun. Well i guess i will get going now. I am trying to fix someones computer problem. Just in case you don't know I HATE WINDOWS.


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