Gardening and Growing odd stuff

23 Jun

My garden is doing good this year. I plan on adding a sub site to this site for my friends and family, if they want, place requests for me to bring them stuff that i grow. Not that i have much, however i get more tomatos and cucumbers that i would need. Also i have several different varieties of hot peppers and hopefully will get some pumpkins and watermellons. 

I have just applied my first dose of worm compost tea to my plants. I used the steeped tea method that you can learn about from Ray in the video below. (warning he does use some foul language).

However today i am going out to get a aquarium bubbler and some molasses. Just search youtube and you can find many people making compost tea this way. It's called brewed compost tea. You don't heat it up, but with the bubbler going you help activate stuff. I also found the video below about the brewed tea and it's results. Granted this guy has some other special ingredients, however from others just using the simple molasses and a bubbler. So i am really excited to see how things work this year with me using worm compost tea on my garden plants.

I got the worm compost because that is something else i do in the garage. It's pretty simple once you get the things you need. I just use some 5 gallon buckets i purchased from Lowes.

The Odd Stuff

Well i had 7 lemon seeds that had sprouted and were growing. I lost 2 because i did something wrong to kill them off. :-D Also Noa and Simon want me to grow some nectarines, so i am trying to germenate them. Simons apple tree is doing good. I talked to a friend that has some apple trees to give me a cliping from one of his trees so i can graft it onto the root stock of Simons tree. My lovely wife is sick of me having stuff grow in the house. So i am really looking forward to moving. I pray it will be next spring that we are out of this house and into a new home. I want some land so i can grow and do more stuff. This is just my prayer. I am also wanting to get some orange seeds yet my wife is not helping me get them. ;-) I am still trying to figure out how to get my Bilberry seeds to germenate and grow. It's to late now so i am going to get some planters ready and put them in the garden over the winter and see if i can have some luck next spring. Who knows what else i will try to grow this year.

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