Still working hard

04 Mar

I have been working hard on client projects, the PHPEclipse project, and learning about Bacula. Which is the best Open Source backup utility around. I have used Amanda in the past, but once i started using Tivoli at work i realized that there was allot missing. I plan on doing a full review and documentation on using Bacula. Right now i am still learning how to use it and making custom scripts to do things that i need done. My documentation will be on my setup, and how i am using it. The docs done by Kern Sibbald are awesome. The documentation is very helpful and i have been able to find almost everything i needed.

The dlzsync project that i have been working on is just about finished. I know i said it was going to be done months ago, but i got busy with other stuff. It is looking very good. I have been testing it on the domains that i host. I just have a few kinks to work out of the system.

I have also learned how to use PHPUnit, and write unit tests for my applications. I plan on working with Junit to do the same for my Java apps. Need to write some unit test for PHPEclipse as well.

Also i have not forgotten about my blog system. It has not seen any development for a while. I have allot of projects going on, and just have not had time to dedicate to working on the blog system. I guess i got it working good enough for what i need right now. However i do need to add the page so i can view old posts and possibly edit them. I have some that i need to publish.


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PHPEclipse Release 1.2.0 and Development 1.3.x

17 Jan

I have mentioned before that i work on the PHPEclipse project, one of my jobs is administering the build system. We use hudson as our continuous build system as it's a really easy system to learn and use.

As i noted in my other post we moved from from cvs and to svn and things have been going well on the svn front. However when i changed the build system to pull from svn, there were some problems. To me it was more PEBKAC than a problem with svn. I spent 3 days working on the issue and could not figure out why our DBG feature would not build. Incastrix one of the other developers on the project created the new 1.3.x development branch and i was able to use it to test my builds. When i created a new project and imported his code things as i remember just worked. Long story short i found there were a few plug-ins that were included in places they should not be, and others that were not needed at all. I made my changes and the system was successful in building the project.

What is more frustrating is that getting it to work that last day only took about 15min, and here i spent 4 days running around in circles.

Now that the builds are back, and people are able to use it, i think i created more bugs. But that's the way it goes. I am really looking forward to us getting 1.2.0 out the door, and also the work that is going into 1.3.x and 1.5.x. Ajt and i will be cleaning up the ticket system in an attempt to refine the items left for the 1.2.x release. Looking at the tickets for the 1.2.x release you would think we were crazy. It has more bugs than 1.3.x and we only have 2 weeks to get them all fixed. But this will change over the weekend when ajt and i clean and assign bugs to there new milestones.

Something else i will be working on is a tutorial on using RSE and PHPEclipse. It's something new to PHPEclipse and it's working pretty well for me. Also i will include instructions on using XDebug. There are a few more bugs that incastrix and i will be working on related to XDebug and RSE and i hope to get some fixed today.


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PHPEclipse project

15 Jan

I have been spending allot of time working on the PHPEclipse project, and fixing bugs, and maybe creating a few new ones. I also administer the build system for the project. We have recently moved away from cvs and to svn and the build system needed to be changed to pull from the new repo.

And that is where the fun begins. Allot of work has gone on in the core of PHPEclipse and in the XDebug feature, but not many developers have put that much time into the DBG feature. I have been able to get the project to build everthing except the DBG plug-in. It is driving me up a wall. I was for a while able to get it to build out of my local workspace which was a copy of svn, but after messing around i broke it, so now it won't build from there or svn. I have asked another developer incastrix to assist me in fixing the build issue. He is the master behind our XDebug plugin-in, and i am hopefull that he will show me the simple error of my way.

Also with the project, i have committed my fixes for RSE which is the Team Management plug-in for Eclipse. The work started with grEvenX submitting a patch, i applied it found that it was a good start, but there were more problems. So i committed it and then spent the rest of the weekend working on the issues that i had found. It was good to see the internals of the project, and i am looking forward to the 1.3.x version where we clean up the code.

There are just a few more items we want to address then we are going to push 1.2.0 out the nest and let it fly on it's own.

The 1.3.0 release is slated for refactoring of the code, and not many if any new features. This work will update PHPEclipse with the current API for Eclipse, and also will be working with supporing the new Ganymede Simultaneous Relase. The project is not ready yet to be listed, but i hope for our 1.4.x release we can be a listing project for that simultaneous release cycle.

I am looking forward to the next few months of Eclipse development, and as always i have more to do than i have time for, but it keeps me out of trouble.


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ISC DHCP and Ldap Backend

08 Jan

Searching the web for documentation on how to configure ISC DHCPD and Ldap backend. I will be use the Fedora Directory Server, and i have found some information at this site. I am posting the data here because i am afraid of the site going away. Not that it would, but you never know. The reason for this work is because i have not found a good gui tool for dhcp administration.

My plan is to develop a tool that will use LDAP as the storage, and it will be written in Java. The idea that i have now is that the Model can be used to do a desktop installable app, and also a browser based app.

I have used PHP allot for my applications, but this time i am going to change over to Java for this one. I did a management gui for ISC DNS using the Dlz feature. It is browser based and done with php. The project i did is called dlzSync and the website should be up soon. I did code the sync server in java, but it needs more work.

.::LDAP Info::.

This is the information that i gleaned from I plan on adding more information as i learn how to use the feature. But this is the starting point of my work. Thanks to the people at, and the person that created the entry.

.::DHCP Ldap Config::.


ldap-server "";
ldap-port 389; # We do an anonymous bind
# ldap-username "cn=manager_login";
# ldap-password "mysecretPWD";
ldap-base-dn "ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com";
ldap-method static;
ldap-debug-file "/var/log/dhcp-ldap-startup.log";

.::DHCP ldif example::.

 dn: ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
ou: DHCP
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
description: DHCP Servers

dn: cn=DHCP Config, ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
cn: DHCP Config
objectClass: top
objectClass: dhcpService
dhcpPrimaryDN: cn=dns,ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
dhcpStatements: ddns-update-style none
dhcpStatements: get-lease-hostnames true
dhcpStatements: use-host-decl-names true

dn: cn=, cn=DHCP Config, ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: dhcpSubnet
objectClass: dhcpOptions
dhcpNetMask: 24
dhcpStatements: default-lease-time 600
dhcpStatements: max-lease-time 7200
dhcpOption: netbios-name-servers
dhcpOption: subnet-mask
dhcpOption: routers
dhcpOption: domain-name-servers
dhcpOption: domain-name ""

dn: cn=dns, ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
cn: dns
objectClass: top
objectClass: dhcpServer
dhcpServiceDN: cn=DHCP Config, ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com

dn: cn=clienta, cn=DHCP Config, ou=DHCP,dc=edmann,dc=com
cn: clienta
objectClass: top
objectClass: dhcpHost
dhcpHWAddress: ethernet 00:16:3e:3d:eb:87
dhcpStatements: fixed-address

 You should note that they are not doing Dynamic DNS update. I have used this and plan on using it more. So my final configuration will have an example on using ddns.

There is a special schema that you need to use. The website said they had one (64ldapdhcp.ldif) in their downloads directory, but when i clicked on the link i was given a 404 error. So i will need to generate one myself and i will post it here for others. Which means i need to get the add file part of my blog system working. :-)

You can find the OpenLdap schema file on, I may be able to run the conversion script against this. I will need to test it and post back my results. 


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