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27 Dec

I found this in the IRC channel for phpeclipse. pteague_work pointed out an name Selenium for a tool that will test websites. Since i do allot of sites i had looked at this in the past, but have not had a change to use it.

I am finishing up one big project, and am working on another... ie this blog system. It is said that you can integrate PHPUnit tests in with Selenium, so i will attempt to do just that. Making sure i document the way i did it.

Also i have a new update for the blog system that i have not pushed out live yet. It adds pagination so you can look at previous posts, and also the ability to post comments. Granted that last part i am still not sure i want to push out. I have allot more tests that i want to run just to make sure my blog system does not become a spamers best friend.

The backend is shaping up nicely but slowly. I have just added comment moderation, and the css that goes with it. I want to add post history this weekend and also category management. The latter should not be to hard to do. Famous last words. 

Also need to setup different databases to do unit tests against, just to insure that this thing is working the way i want it to.

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