Firefox 3 Beta 2

24 Dec

I have to say that the new Firefox 3 Beta 2 release is awesome. I just got it installed on my machine, and i do visibly notice that things load allot faster. I use FCKeditor on the back-end of my blog, and it does not have a choppy load. It loaded just like a page would. Heck this could just be me and my machines, but it is noticeable. 

There are several improvements in the Beta 2, and i am looking forward to the final product. When you open new tabs there is no noticeable lag.  Like i said before the form items take the look of the current theme that you are using on Linux. The form fields look so much better then they do in FF2.x.

I need to go spend some time playing around with it more, but this release is awesome. Whenever i get on a persons machine the first thing i do is look for FF. If i don't find it i download it and install it on there machine. I tell them to use it and not the other browser. Most the time i am on there machine to fix something, so when i tell them to use FF they listen. If i did not know what i was doing or talking about they would not have asked me to work on there machine in the first place. I recommend FF to everyone that uses a computer. But that's just me. :-)

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