New Blog System

09 Dec
This is my first post to the new blog system that i am working on. There are allot of things left to do, but i now have it so that i can post to it. I need to get the comment system working, i should have that done sometime this week. And there are several items in the Admin console that i need to work on.

I had to close the comments because they have not been fully tested. It should not take me that long to get it done.

I am just happy to have this thing working. It did not take me long to write the code to port from my old b2evolution blog system that was on mysql. Now it all runs under postgresql and the framework that i have been working on for other projects.

I need to get the pingback stuff working so i can ping the syndication sites.

Now that i have the template for the site, i can integrate the gallery more into the site. I have lot's of work ahead of me on this, however i am happy at the progress that i have made in a few weekends.
Just allot of progress for this system and it's going very well.

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