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27 Oct
Well i have finally had it. I cannot stand having my blog in a MySQL database. I have started to work on a blog system that will not be dependent on a particular database. Because i don't want to create another blog system that has the same problem that pushed me away from the system that i am currently using. Also the new system will be licensed under the LGPL.
Why, well because i have several projects that are just for me that will not be release as OSS, and i cannot find a blog system that i can integrated into the projects. If it was released as LGPL i could do it and not have to release my project as OSS. This is what i understand about the GPL license on other systems. The blog system that i would use i would integrate there code into my project, which i believe would require me to release my code as OSS.
Also my projects use PostgreSQL as the primary database, and the blog systems that i have found only work with MySQL. So creating a new blog system that is built to work with many different database systems, and also licensed under the LGPL will allow others to integrate it into there own project that is not OSS and use the database of there choice... all tho i don't see myself supporting anything from the evil empire anytime soon, but someone could create the ddl's to get it to work, and it's only a setting to get the blog to attach to the db.
So things on the site will change here soon when i get the posts that i have ported over, and get the display module built.

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