FF 2.0 and other things.

24 Oct

I downloaded and installed FF 2.0. I know they don't like people getting it early, but i just found out today. Sorry guys. However it's a great release. I really like the spell check. It works very well. Just like i would have wanted it to. Most of my add-ons still work, and it's still very responsive.

In other news i have been having problems with my eyes. I think it's this CRT that i am using at work. I need to get a LCD back. I had this problem before, and moving from a CRT to a LCD the problem went away. Here at my new place of employment they bought one when a designer was working here and wanted a Mac. But he is not here any longer and the display just sat on an empty desk. So i thought i would put it to use an use it myself. But then i took a few days off it found it's way back to an empty desk. So it doesn't get used. It's really frustrating. I have been reading up on the internet about eye strain, and exercises for the eyes. I have started to do a few, but i think i just need to get an LCD and see if my problem goes away again. I have on of my own, but i really don't think i should bring in my own equipment to do my job. Or should i? I can argue it both ways. Oh well.

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  1. Jen

    October 24th 2006 at 10:10 am

    Heya. Yeah definitely you should NOT have to supply your own LCD monitors to do your job better. Although I work with ya and have thought the same just for ease of argument it is not fair. An employer should supply you with your every *working* need to do your job better. Besides that they should also be asking you on updates on how you are liking your job and what they can do better. After all, a happy employee is an employee willing to do their best to get the job done and done right. We need to bring this up because it is a serious concern for multiple reasons for both of us. :)

    October 25th 2006 at 09:10 am

    LCD is nice, I use 19" both at work and at home. Does eliminate a lot of eye strain. Let me know if I can do anything to help.