30 Mar
Some time ago my boss asked me to find a program that would help in tracking what users transfered files from our ftp server. So i came across a program called ftpStats. Well we used it for quite some time and it worked out really well. We did have one machine that would do a ton of transfers a day so i had to write an sql script to remove that user from the database, but other than that things were good. Well i upgraded my server to php5 and did not think that they were using the ftpStats program any more i did not configure it to work. Well they came back and asked if they could get the program working again. So i went ahead and loaded it back on the server. Well it did not work. So i tried to use the site that was listed in the code to see if there was a newer version. Well the site did not work at all. So i decided that if i wanted it to work i would need to fix it myself. I fixed it and it works and i think it's cool, so i decided to post it on the site so others could find it and use it. So over in the tech area you will be able to find the latest version that i have done. FtpStats is nice and makes it easy to see what is going on with you ftp server. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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