RedHat out Debian In

26 Feb
Well i have finally had it with RedHat. I have used there system for a very long time, but now this relationship is over. I have a client that is upgrading there server, so i went and ordered a new version of RedHat Linux for them. The price was way more than what i believe should be for the system, and in my opinion they have not added any more value 2 the system. Also what are they thinking. Ya Linux is great, and all the software that comes with it is great as well. But I cannot install Linux on my workstation and go buy Avid DV Pro, or Autodesk's AutoCAD. Macromedia apps are also missing. Ya i can run some with Wine, but that just doesn't cut it. I want native apps. It's not Linux's fault here, but RedHat making a decision to charge $179 just for a workstation version is just nuts. And it does not leave an easy entry point for new users to try the system. What i mean is, I have a new project that the company has given me. I believe that Linux is the best solution. So i go and download a copy and build a demo with it. Now RedHat wants to charge me $179 just for a workstation verstion of there system, well this is a server so i want the server version. Well allot more money is needed. So now just to do a demo using RedHat i need to fork out a load of cash. Since the managment is not all comfy with Linux they do not want to invest in something they feel will not work. That is why i am moving 2 Debian. RedHat you don't have the app base to justify that cost! Well i will keep a list of how far i get with Debian. I also will be working on changing all my documentation over to that system. Something new 2 learn, and looks allot better than Fedora. Oh well. I hope someone hits RedHat with a clue stick before they destroy themselves. Well i will post more about this l8er

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