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05 Dec
Here is something that i posted to avid. I don't think that they will respond. Seeing that i am not a customer and won't be one until they port there product to Linux, i can see why they would not respond to my message.

I have read on your message board and have wanted myself a port of Avid Xpress Dv to linux. However this does not look like it is going to happen. Then i ask myself "Why is Avid holding out?". You have FinalCut Pro for Macs, So many for the Windows group that there is no need to list here. Then what we have is major studios moving there animators over to Linux. Movies are being done on Linux, but where can we find a good NLE for Linux? Avid saying that they are a leader in this field should have been on that platform by now. Are they? No! Why? That is the question that i want answered. I can see that before Linux had such high usage that it would not have been profitable to port the product to Linux. But now Avid has ported the product to Mac OS X which is a BSD(UNIX) product. How much harder would it be to port Xpress DV to Linux. And to be honest don't tell me that there will be no profit in a port to Linux. Well how much profit is Avid getting off the free version of Avid Free DV that is on the website? I don't think it's the full feature version of Xpress DV? So someone had to take time to make a light version for free use? I could be wrong. What is the big hold up? The way Apple is buying up composite software and we all know that it is going to go into FinalCut Pro. Avid will find it harder to compete. But we will have loyal customers. Well you today loyalty only gets you so far. When it comes down to paying and i can get allot more software for little dollar, than your customers might just pick the other package. This message is for me Ed Mann ( to Avid as a wakeup call. Look not only at today and the next quarter, but look down the road 1 or 2 years. See where your competitors are today and what they are doing and how that will postion them against you in the future.

I have also posted this message in my personal blog you can find it at

I hope that i get a response back.

Thanks for your time.

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