Alton Gansky "A Treasure Deep" and E-books

14 Dec

Well i just finished "A Treasure Deep" by Alton Gansky It was a very good read, an i plan on posting a review on the book. I have started his "Zero-G" and it has started off very well. I did just finish a few weeks ago Austin Boydes' Mars Hill Classified series and now i am back in space with Zero-G.

I am very interested in reading this book and comparing the knowledge of the author about space. So far so good, and i am only on the 5th chapter.  I also found on Alton Gansky website that he offers some of his first books as e-books. These book are out of print, and he offers them as a gift to the readers. All he asks in return is you tell people about his website. So i have requested the first book that he has written. He let's you know it's his first book, and that he has learned allot since he pinned it. I guess it's like programming, you learn so much since you first started that you point out that  your first works were when you were just beginning. Me personally i don't like showing my first works. My peers would not let me live it down. That's the way it goes tho. :-)

I have been reading so many books that i have not been keeping up with my reviews. Granted i am still working on the blog system, and have just gotten it to the point that i can post articles. That is not excuse tho. I need to get on the ball and get them done.

I have enjoyed Alton Ganskys' work, and was nervous when i purchased "A Treasure Deep" and "Zero-G" at the same time. "A Treasure Deep" was the second book that i read by Gansky, and i was not disappointed.  Granted i did not like reading the characters getting the smack down, but Alton keeps it real. Perry and Jack trying to break down a door and commenting that it was not as easy as in the movies was funny. I think Jack should get into martial arts, or some kind of self defense class especially if he keeps hanging around Perry Sachs. :-) The mystery on what Perry is looking for is keep secret for quite some time. I enjoy the Mayor Ann, she was a very interesting character, and i have been around people that are just like her. Always want to know what is going on in other peoples business even when they don't need to know. The character Ann did have a view that many people have. And i like how Alton uses Perry to relay a message to Ann when she tells him about her past.

The hard part about doing a review is not giving away to much of the story. I would like to talk about it more, but to the people that may read this and then read the book, if i give away to much they lose some of the enjoyment of reading. I guess that's just me. I  try not  to read the back of the books that i look at because i don't want to know to much about the story. For me it's the author and the title. Maybe a little blurb about the story and that's it. Once i have an author and his/her writings have earned my trust i just pick up the books and go on my merry way. Granted that has burned me one or twice, but it does work well a majority of the time.

I have enjoyed the Perry Sachs mystery series and am going to get the only other book that i know about in that universe "Beneath the Ice". I have called the local book store and have checked for the book. I see on his site that he does not list a price. The local store has ordered it for me and it's $12.95. I like new and not used, but i need to find a more affordable supplier to help me with my habit.

There are two other books that i have finished that i need to get a review up for. And one of them i want to add in my own alternate chapter. I hope i don't get sued for that. :-)

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