The Donkey and the Dog

03 Nov

I got this story from a friend at work. Thanks Mark


Titled:  Being Indian...

Management Lesson :
One night when the whole world was sleeping, a thief broke into the house of a washer man.
The washer man was fast asleep but the donkey and the dog were awake.
The dog decided not to bark since the master did not take good care of him and wanted to teach him a lesson.
The donkey got worried and said to the dog that if he doesn't bark, the donkey will have to do something himself.
The dog did not change his mind and the donkey started braying loudly.
Hearing the donkey bray, the thief ran away, the master woke up and started beating the donkey for braying in the middle of the night for no reason.
Moral of the story: One must not engage in duties other than his own.

Now take a new look at the same story.
The washer man was like a typical top management corporate guy.
He had the fundas of looking at the bigger picture and thinking out of the box.
He was convinced that there must be some reason for the donkey to bray in the night.
He walked outside a little and did some fact finding, applied a research approach, figured out from the ground realities that there was a thief who broke in and the donkey only wanted to alert him about it.
Looking at the donkey's extra initiative and going beyond the call of the duty, he rewarded him with lot of hay and other perks and the donkey became his favorite pet.
The dog's life didn't change much, except that now the donkey was more motivated in doing the dogs duties as well.
In the Appraisal the dog managed an "8".
The donkey was rated as "9".
Soon the dog realized that the donkey is taking care of his duties and he can enjoy his life sleeping and lazing around.
The donkey had to live up to his already high performance standards.
Soon he was over burdened with work and always under pressure and now is looking for a switch....
Moral of the story-Remains the same- "One must not engage in duties other than his own"


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Fedora 19 RPMS for Enlightenment 0.17.4 and EFL 1.7.8

03 Aug

I am putting the finishing touches on the Feodra 19 RPMS. When you start you will want to disable the splash screen. Read this post in the e-users mailing list. I had the issue when i was testing and found that post with the solution for now.


Stephen Haffly reported this issue to me:

Your display server does not support XComposite, or Ecore-X was built 
without XComposite support.
Note that for composite support you will also need XRender and XFixes 
support in X11 and Ecore.


I have fixed that with the builds. Also someone talked about dual screens being used as one big screen. That is also fixed. When i resolved the build issue that Stephen reported that issue was resolved as well.


I also fixed the Connman Obsolete issue. So you should be able to have both NetworkManager and Connman installed at the same time.

I do not have a Fedora 18 machine, but if i get enough requests i can easily build these packages for 18 as well. Just let me know if you thing it's worth while. Fedora 17 i will not be building packages for, unless someone pays me. :-D

Thanks for using Enligtenment and providing me feedback to make the packages and apps work better. I am looking at packaging up some of the games that are developed with EFL.


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Enlightenment Fedora 19 Repo

08 Jul

I am working on the builds for Fedora 19. I have the x86_64 machine built, need to do the i686 and get the packages going. I want to have them done by Tuesday July 9th. I will update this post when it is complete.

Update: Mon Jul  8 16:07:05 CDT 2013

I just finished the builds for Fedora 19 x86_64. I will do the i686 builds tomorrow. Please those that have x86_64 machines try out the build and let me know if you have any issues.

Update: Tue Jul  9 21:57:37 CDT 2013

The i686 build is done and on the server. You can update and let me know if you have issues.

Update: Wed Jul 10 07:43:44 CDT 2013

I forgot to build Terminology. So that has been added. Also i don't have a repo rpm for Fedora19, so use

for now.

Update: Fri Jul 12 14:23:18 CDT 2013

It was mentioned in the comments that i had forgotten a few packages. So i just built and uploaded python-elementary, econnman, and connman-1.15. Please give them a try and keep the feedback comming.


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Fedora RPMS for Enlightenment 0.17.3 and EFL 1.7.7

18 May

I just finished the builds for Enlightenment 0.17.3 and EFL 1.7.7. I keep getting the pop-up telling me that there was a newer version of Enlightenment out, so that was my reminder to do the builds this weekend. I hope i didn't miss anything this time. Everything has been rebuilt and i also added in a new e_module slideshow. (This was a request from a person that uses my repo. So if you want something from Enlightenment that i don't have just ask for it. I will do my best to get it built and added to the repo.)

I know i said the last built would be the final one for Fedora 17, however 1.7.7 came out before i upgraded so i have one more build for the x86_64 version of Fedora 17.  And i have not yet configured a virtual machine to do the Fedora 19 builds. Maybe before the next release i will get that done.

Sorry this build took a week, i have been sick all week and not feeling like putting in extra hours after work. However i am feeling much better. I think i have everything uploaded and correct this time. I am sure i will hear if i am missing anything.

I also built  connman-1.14 for this release as well.

Off Topic

Well now i am off to work on the Android app for the accounting software i have been developing. I hope to get something done with it this weekend. However the day is getting late and i have some things outside i want to get done. I will post some screen-shots of my app. Not sure if anyone would be interested in it. I should put it in a different post, so with that said i will stop talking about it.



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